So today’s page is a day late. I attribute it to last week’s dose of tryptophan. Turkey… I blame the Turkey!


Thanksgiving was fun I was able to unload about 50 Green Lantern comics onto my nephew. He will enjoy them a whole lot more than I will. Don’t get me wrong, I love Green Lantern, but I know that I wont ever read those books again. They’re kind of my guilty pleasure. I don’t read a whole lot of new superhero stuff anymore. I haven’t found much to like. I still pick up Green Lantern and Wonder Woman but that is about it.

I read Green Lantern for the soap opera and for Doug Mahnke’s art.

I read Wonder Woman for Tony Akins’s art. The guy is a master storyteller. I have two pages from his Jack of Fables run hanging in my living room. He is someone that is clearly working hard at getting better. His stuff has grown so much over the last 5 years…. Man… What an inspiration.

Hopefully my nephew will get a kick out of them. The Hooded Utilitarian had an interesting piece up about Green Lantern being mental toxicity so I figured a 15 year old kid will dig them.

Here is the link to that article



I went in and did a revision to the last 8 pages of the first issue of Cat-LE Drivers that should make it a whole lot better. Still trying to nail down my process. I don’t think that will ever change. I am always looking for quicker and better ways of doing things. I am getting more comfortable with Manga Studio. I am now doing all my layouts straight into there then printing on boards for value study and final line art. Seems to be working.


Keep spreading the good word about this comic. My only self-validation comes from having a lot of people liking my art. Just kidding ha ha…. Yeah well …yeah…